Title: Bunt

Series: Minnesota Moose #1

Author: J.C. Thompson
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Zoe Parks learned the hard way that nothing
sticks the first time. Everybody is always looking for the next best thing.
That’s how Zoe knew minutes before she was supposed to be married that the
first engagement was all wrong. If the first engagement isn’t right, how can
the first marriage, especially if it happens when you’re on what was supposed
to be your honeymoon?
Alex Pedroza knows that being the new guy on
the team means putting up with whatever the guys dish out. That’s why Alex
can’t go home without the wife he thought he was going to have when he returns
from the offseason. Can he convince the woman he married while trying to forget
the one he didn’t to come home and play the part just until the divorce is
final, of course?


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Author Bio
Thompson is a lover of all things books, coffee, and wine related. When she’s
not writing she can likely be found curled up with her dogs and a book. J.C.
grew up in the Pacific Northwest, recently relocating to Middle Tennessee with
her husband, two kids, and small zoo.


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Zoe is all set to get married, she has the groom and the ceremony ready to go when her fear that the marriage will fail have her escaping and going on the honeymoon alone.

Alex is a baseball player who finds himself without a fiancé and dreading going back and telling his teammates that his wedding was a bust.

A chance meeting has them married as he will have a temporary wife he needs and she can get her first marriage that she believes is destined to fail over with so that she can moved onto her second marriage. Fate seems to have a different plan and they must decide if their marriage will become a homerun or a strikeout?

It starts out fun and flirty but as the story evolves the emotion and drama add an additional level to the story. I enjoyed the first book that I have read by this author.


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