Title: Vow of Honor
Author: Emma Renshaw
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 28, 2018


I can’t stand Tatum
from the second she walks into the room. Everything about her puts me on
edge—from her small delicate curves to the smile that she refuses to
There’s nothing she
loves more than to piss me off. She’s infused herself in every part of my life,
taking away the silence I crave. I’d walk away if I could. If I hadn’t been
shot. If I didn’t need physical therapy. If I could resist her.
I only kiss her to
shut her up. I didn’t expect it to turn into the hottest moment of my life with
our clothes scattered on the floor. The one-time thing turns into something
neither of us expect.
When my guard drops
and secrets are revealed, I’ll do anything to protect Tate. We have enemies
lurking around every corner.
Will my vow of honor
cost me the one thing I can’t live without?



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Author Bio
Emma loves
to write, just don’t ask her to write about herself. If she isn’t writing,
you can find her lost in a book or trying to get her doggo to take a selfie
with her. He usually refuses. At the end of the day, you can find Emma at the
closest Mexican restaurant eating queso and sipping on a margarita. She lives
in Texas with her husband and dog.
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James has tried to leave his painful and dark past behind him and has made a new life for himself. He has been successful professional but when it comes to personal relationships he doesn’t allow many people close, but once he does his loyalty is unquestionable. When he is shot while protecting someone he loves, he needs physical therapy and Tatum is the best person for the job.

Tatum is happy, outgoing and has a warmth about her that draws others in. She has been hurt in the past and they didn’t get off to the best start, but she does have a talent for driving him crazy. He is unable to deny his feelings for her, so he begins to distance himself, but she is not about to let him go so easily.

Tatum and James have found exactly what they need in each other but first they must deal with the past so that they can be together.

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