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Nacole Ward
The one thing that controlled my life.
The reason I stayed.
But ultimately the reason I left.
Tragedy and emptiness marred my existence.
A fresh start was all I was after.
Instead, I found things I never expected.
Love. Happiness. A reason.
I found him.

Garret Walker
Serve and protect.
Not just my career—it’s my life.
Climb the ladder, reach the top.
Finding love wasn’t a part of my priorities.
She wasn’t looking for a hero.
But life had other plans.
For her. For me.
Now we have to fight together.
Or I’ll lose her.
And I’m not about to let that happen.

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Heather Lyn is a contemporary romance author. She lives in beautiful York ME with her husband and son. She is a fan of the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Reading, Country Music, and Coffee. She has had a lifelong love for reading.




For the last seven years Nacole’s life has been a nightmare but she has finally escaped the situation and is looking for a new beginning in Nashville. She keeps her secrets close and is not quick to trust but while working at the Taphouse she meets the owner’s brother Garret and he makes her feel safe.

Garrett is a police officer who has an innate need to protect and help others. He is immediately drawn to Nacole and wants to know everything about, but he is patient and is willing to give her the time to trust him and accept that his feelings for her are real.

These two are perfect for each other. Garrett shows her by word and deed that they are meant to be and helps her heal from her past and once she opens her heart up to Garrett she is all in. Full of emotion and chemistry not only are the main characters great but the secondary characters as well.




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