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🌟Rescuing Mercy from Harley Stone🌟

Landon’s been searching for redemption, but he never expected to find Mercy.
Tragedy drove Landon Welch to enlist in the Army with no plans of returning home. After serving seven years as a combat medic, he’s teetering on the edge of burnout when ordered to take leave and confront his demons.

Preschool director Mercedes Foster has dedicated her life to brightening the futures of low-income children. She’s intelligent, driven, and avoiding distractions, especially one sexy soldier with questionable motives. But when Mercy’s brother gets mixed up in trouble that could endanger her cause and risk her life, Landon might be just the complication she needs to survive.

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🌟Excerpt: 🌟

“Come in.”
I wasn’t about to step foot in his personal space, but I did open the door to relay his mom’s message only to get an eyeful of his gloriously naked back. Landon’s shoulders were wide and muscular, tapering to a narrow waist. He wasn’t bodybuilder big, but the corded back muscle and well-defined biceps spoke of a practical strength. Landon’s muscles had come from hard work and training. Not only was his body well-built and beautiful, but it was also marked up with a few scars and some breathtaking ink. Wings were tattooed on the backs of his arms and he had some sort of medical insignia on his back. A hardhat was perched on the top of the insignia, with the American flag waving behind it.
Back to the door, he was searching through his closet. “Almost ready, Mom. Just need to grab a shirt.”
I didn’t correct him, didn’t say a damn thing, as I continued to stare, memorizing every muscle, every line of his ink. His body was beautiful in the way I imagined a gun would be: deadly, powerful, and sleek. I was no virgin, but the few men I’d been with hadn’t been built like Landon, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be wrapped in those arms.
He’d removed a shirt from its hanger and was holding it as he glanced over his shoulder, breaking me out of my lust-induced trance. My gaze darted up to his face. He was watching me.
“S-sorry to interrupt,” I stammered, sounding like a complete idiot. “Your mom wanted me to let you know that dinner’s ready.”
He spun around to face me, giving me a full view of his chiseled chest covered in even more ink, lined abs, and an incredible V that led down to the waistband of his low-riding jeans. I was trying not to stare, but I couldn’t help myself. Landon’s body was built for sex. He finally broke the trance I was in by pulling his shirt over his arms and working the buttons. Grateful for the cotton now covering his nakedness, I sought out his face again.
“See something you like?” he asked, the left corner of his lips sliding up in a panty-dropping smirk.
Embarrassed, and refusing to let him know I found him attractive, I scanned his room searching for something I could use to form a reply. My gaze stopped on the awards hanging above his bookshelf. “Yes. I had no idea you were good at science and math. Those awards are pretty impressive. Good job.”
Oh, God, kill me now.

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After a tragedy at home Landon left town seven years ago and joined the Army. He has been told by his officer that he must take a leave before returning to service. He heads home to see his mother, but it is Mercy who changes his life.

Mercy is a pre-school administration and Landon’s mother works for her. She is not shy about standing up for those she cares about so she is quick to voice her opinion of what she perceives to be Landon’s treatment of his mother.

The sparks fly between them but when Mercy in in danger will he be able to keep her safe?

This is my first story by this author but it definitely won’t be my last. Suspense, action, romance and twists all combine into one great story.

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