Title: Chaos and Love 
Series: Blood and Iron Warriors Book 1
Author: Kat Kenyon
Genre: College New Adult Sports Romance
Release Date: February 4, 2019

Welcome to California University! Home of the Blood & Iron Warriors.
Dreams are made and broken in the highly competitive world of college sports and it’s no different here. So, what do you do when you fall in love in the spotlight?
Rayne: I’ve got a dance scholarship and a new life. I get to start over, be new, and leave behind the ugly of my life. I’m not letting anything or anyone stop me. I earned this.
Tyler: I’m a walk on, but the Blood and Iron wanted me, and they’re my shot at a future in football. I won’t let the pressure or my parents stop me. I can do this.
They’re both working under the bright lights of national sports and everyone wants a piece of them. It’s a harsh and demanding road to their future, and they’re becoming adults in the public eye. 
They’re determined. Focused. 
But, the brightest futures cast the darkest shadows, and they’ll need to work hard to hold on to their goals and their new love.

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Ty is determined to take full advantage of the opportunity to further his football career. He is feeling the pressure from everyone around him to succeed and at times finds it overwhelming. He has a lot to deal with and Rayne is the one person that brings light to his world.

Rayne is attending college on a dance scholarship and she is under an incredible amount of pressure herself. She is strong and determined to handle whatever life throws at her with the support of those around her.

Ty and Rayne’s story is filled with angst, drama and romance. Forging a relationship can be difficult enough but when you throw in attending college, playing competitive sports and learning how to handle the notoriety that comes along with it makes it that much harder. Not only are Ty and Rayne amazing characters but the secondary characters complete the story and more of Ty and Rayne can’t come soon enough.




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