Title: Teaching Tucker
Series: Face-Off Legacy #3 (standalone)
Author: Jillian Quinn
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2019

After a drunken hookup, I never thought I would see Tucker again…
Until he strolls into my classroom like he owns the school.
He handed out orgasms like it was his job.
Now, it’s my turn to grade him.
I’m a teaching assistant until the end of the semester.
A position I scored because I’m a goody-two-shoes.
Not the girl who sleeps with smoking hot hockey players.
But he’s failing the class, and I can help him pass.
So, we come to an agreement.
One that ends with us breaking all the rules…
And if I’m not careful, my heart.

Jillian Quinn is the international bestselling author of over fifteen romance novels, most notably known for the Face-Off series. She’s from Philly, a city girl to the core, now living in Southwest Florida, where she still hasn’t adjusted, though she’s not opposed to the warm weather or lazy days by the pool.
Jillian sets all of her books in her hometown, dreams of getting her hands on a real cheesesteak, and still cheers for her local sports teams. She’s a lover of sports, especially those involving tackling, checking, and men in tight pants. A self-proclaimed Coffee Queen, Jillian practically lives at Starbucks, where you can find her most days, drinking all the coffee.

Tucker is a hockey player who now finds himself in danger of losing his dream of playing in the NHL if he doesn’t clean up his act.    His priorities have always been hockey, girls and then school but he now finds himself in danger of not being able to play if he doesn’t pick up his grades.    He is used to being admired by all so when he is introduced to his tutor, he knows he’s in trouble.
Sam is working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and one of them is as a teaching assistant so the last thing she needs is for the student she is tutoring to be Tucker as based on their past they are like oil and water.
They know that they should stay away from each other as being together could be costly for both of them especially with the secrets yet to be revealed.

This is a story about second chances and new beginnings.    Sam is perfect for Tucker as she challenges him at every turn, and I liked how he changed as the story progressed.    I am enjoying this series and can’t wait for the next one.



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