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Emily was a cop’s daughter, and I was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. At eighteen, our affair was wild and completely secret. Until she left town for college and a better life, and I hit the road to nowhere.

Eight years later, we’re both back in town. My father is in prison; Emily is selflessly helping her sister. We should be farther apart than we’ve ever been. But I’ve never been able to resist temptation, especially when that temptation is Emily.

I shouldn’t go near her. But I do.

She shouldn’t say yes. But she does.

Our chemistry is hotter than ever, but she’s hiding something from me. Just like I’m hiding something from her. It’s hard to tell whose secrets are more dangerous, until it all goes to hell.

I can save her – and she can save me. But we’ll have to break the rules.

We’re from different worlds. We don’t belong together.

But in the end, Emily and I are going to have to get dirty.



After being away for eight years Emily has returned to her hometown to help out her sister and the last person that she expected to see was Luke, the only man she has ever loved.

Luke has returned to town after eight years as well as with his dad in jail he and his brothers need to not only run his business but make it honest as well.

Emily and Luke were together when they were 18 however she was the daughter of a cop and he was the bad boy from the wrong side of town. Their attraction is back stronger than ever but must their feelings for each other always be a dirty secret or this time around are they able to show everyone how they feel about each other?

I really enjoyed the narration of this story and thought that the narrators were a perfect choice for this story.

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