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Wealthy cowboy, James MacLachlan, is content running his massive family ranch and starting an equine therapy program for special needs children. After his mother died in childbirth, and witnessing his father’s destruction at the loss of true love, James sticks to casual affairs. Marriage and children are risks he won’t take.

Reese Turner visits Cypress Creek, Texas, to complete a photo assignment for National Geographic and buy back her grandparents’ cottage. After disastrous romances, she’s sworn off men to focus on her career. Marriage and the babies she longs for can wait. When she runs into an old flame, she decides she can live out a fantasy, then leave town to pursue her dreams.

But love doesn’t play by the rules…

Reese finds herself back in her hometown for two reasons one is her job as a photographer and the other is to reclaim the love that her grandparents owned that holds so many happy memories. What she wasn’t expecting was that James, her teenage love, was the man who owned the land and that the chemistry and connection between them was stronger than ever.

James manages the ranch his family owns, and he loves the land and the lifestyle it holds. He is determined to remain single as he has witnessed the devastation that love can cause and doesn’t want the same fate for himself but there has always been something between him and Reese that has been hard to deny.

Reese is only in town temporarily and hasn’t forgotten the way he broke her heart but the chemistry between them is too strong to deny. They agree to a casual relationship but between the puzzling notes they are trying to solve and problems with the land they will need to decide what and who they want in their future. Not only are Reese and James compelling characters but there is a great group of secondary characters that enhance the story as well.

**Teaser provided from Author’s Facebook page**

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