💜The Beat Of My Heart – Release Blitz


Title: The Beat of My Heart
Series: Broken Hearts #2
Author: Avery Maxwell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2020
One week. No
strings. Sexy stranger. What could go wrong?


My name is Julia McDowell. I’m not the pretty girl next door, I’m the boss at
work who solves all your problems. I’m an awkward genius with the worst taste
in boyfriends; the last one left me with a 6-figure debt to prove it.

So, when the most swoon-worthy man alive saves me from a psychotic tree, who am
I to say no to a drink? He’s sweet yet powerful with a darkness I can’t place.
I should be terrified of him, but I find myself drawn to him in ways I’ve never
experienced. He says I’m his guiding light, that our hearts beat to the same melody.
But I’m not looking for forever, and he has his own demons to slay.

We agreed to one week, no strings. It will have to be enough. It’s
definitely enough, more than enough, until it’s not.

I’m ready to throw our one-week rules out the window when tragedy pulls us
apart. It would take a miracle to find our way back to each other, and life is
no fairytale. With no happily ever after in sight, will our hearts learn a new
rhythm? Or will heartache become our new theme song? 


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Author Bio
A New-England girl born and raised, Avery now lives in North
Carolina with her husband, their four kids, and two dogs.


A romantic at heart, Avery writes sweet and sexy Contemporary Romance and Romantic
Comedy. Her stories are of friendship and trust, heartbreak, and redemption.
She brings her characters to life for you and will make you feel every emotion
she writes.

Avery is a fan of the happily-ever-after and the stories that make them. Her heroines
have sass, her heroes have steam, and together they bring the tales you won’t
want to put down.

Avery writes a soulmate for us all.

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Trevor is a man who is taking steps to forge his own path and live a life that will make him happy and fulfilled rather than the life that is being thrust on him. Julia is a woman who is still paying the price, both emotionally and financially, for a mistake she made in the past so she is cautious about letting people close. Neither is looking for love or a relationship so a fling while they attend a business conference is exactly what they both need however fate intervened before they could decide if they were meant to be more.

With no way of contacting each other their lives went on until they are reunited under the most unlikely of circumstances. The chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever however they will need to work together to not only overcome the obstacles from the present but from the past as well.

Humor, heat and all the feels as Trevor and Julia finally get their chance to live the life they were destined to have.

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