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Summer nights and star-crossed lovers! From USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen.

Once upon a time, he gave me a summer of friendship, followed by one perfect night. We shared a lot during our short time together. But he skipped a few crucial details.

I didn’t know he was a rock star.

I didn’t know his real name.

Neither of us knew I’d get pregnant.

And I sure never expected to see him again.

Five years later, his tour bus pulls up in Nest Lake, Maine. My little world is about to be shattered by loud music and the pounding of my own foolish heart.

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Kira was attending college in Boston when she endured a traumatic event, so she has returned to her hometown for the summer to recover and help her father out at the store that he owns.    When a sexy stranger comes into town and offers friendship and understanding they spend the summer falling in love and spend one night together before their lives take them in different directions.

Jonas is a successful musician who has never forgotten Kira or the summer they spent together as she knew and loved him for being John and never knew who he really was.   Five years later he is struggling so he and his band decide to return to the town that held so many happy memories and even though he was hoping to see her he never expected that she would be there as well or the surprise that she had been keeping since they were last together.

The chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever but if they are to have a future together they not only need to deal with the past but with their very different lifestyles as well.

Not only are Kira and Jonas captivating characters but there are a great cast of secondary characters including her brother Adam, their daughter Vivi and the bandmates.    This is a story about two people who have always belonged together who finally get their second chance.    I listened to the audiobook version of this story and the narrators were a perfect choice as they drew you in and had you feeling a personal connection to the characters and what they were going through.


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