Trust 📚 New Release

Trust is a slow-burn, emotionally charged contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World


Trust. Verb. To rely upon someone or something.

Six weeks ago, Crew Dawson lost the partner who he knew without a doubt would always have his back. Losing K9 Ammo was the hardest day of his police career, and finding a new K9 partner isn’t working out too well for him. He’s ready to give up his role in the K9 unit when Sunnyville Police Department teams up with a high-risk dog shelter. Instead of finding a K9 that the department is looking for, though, he chooses rescues that unlikeliest of dogs.

Trust. Verb. To have confidence; hope.

The last fifteen years haven’t been too kind to Shawn Ypma. A teenaged mother, she fought hard to land on her own two feet. While she had the support of her parents, she stopped believing in love and happily ever after. Why should she trust a man when they’ve all failed her time and again? Her first and only priority right now is getting her daughter Austin through school, and hope Austin doesn’t make the same mistakes she did.

When Career Day comes to Sunnyville High, Shawn doesn’t know how to take the smiles and kind words from the new School Resource Officer. Little does she know, he and that massive dog of his are about to teach her a lesson in trust…

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Author Bio

Mignon Mykel, author of reader-favorite Prescott Family, loves books, dreaming, and espresso. When not writing, you can find her reading, hiking, or hanging out with the boys she nannies!

Her books have been likened to “real life” and much like real life, sometimes the biggest hurdle in a relationship is one’s self. She loves to read books in large worlds, where many books down the road, you get a glimpse at a former favorite couple. It is because of that, that every Mignon Mykel title you read, is connected to any other title in some shape or form. However, everything–with the exception of the Playmaker Duet–is a complete standalone.

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After losing his K-9 partner and being injured in a car accident Crew is struggling. When he is forced to choose a new K-9 he chooses Willa who excels at sniffing out the feelings of those around her and is his perfect companion for his position at a junior high school.

When Shawn found herself a single teenage mother with the help of her family her teenage daughter Austin is someone to be proud of and she has created a career for herself as a nurse. When she and Crew meet at career day they are drawn to each other but it is when tragedy strikes that they realize with the love and support of each other they can heal from both the past and the present.

Shawn is an inspiration when it comes to overcoming the challenges that life throws at you and although she doesn’t trust her judgment when it comes to men Crew shows her by word and deed that he is the one man she can count on to be there for her through the good and the bad. This story has an emotional pull you don’t see coming and is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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