Drew 🏀 Now Available

Release Date: September 29

My heart races, palms sweat, and knees go weak. 
I’ve never seen anyone like Drew in a science lab. He’s made me a firm believer in chemistry existing outside a textbook.
Then his ego shows up.
Nope. No, thank you. Moving on. I mean… who has an entourage in college?
When our professor announces we’ll be stuck as lab partners, I nearly lose my mind – and not in a good way. 
I can’t afford the type of distractions Drew brings.
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Although most people on campus don’t see Drew for more than his skills on the court that is only a small part of who he is. Due to his past he has big goals for his future but for that to happen he needs to excel academically so when he needs a Chem partner he chooses Abby as he doesn’t want a friend he wants someone dedicated to their studies.

Although she believes that she and Drew couldn’t be more different she couldn’t be more wrong. They have very similar goals for both the present and the future so although at first she was dismayed to find out he was her partner she may just find out that having him choose her could be the best thing to happen to either one of them.

Neither of them are looking for love as they are both steadfast in their determination to remain focused on school. They soon find out that friendship is not enough and with the love and encouragement of each other anything is possible.

Meet Amanda Shelley
Amanda Shelley loves falling into a book to experience new worlds. As an avid reader and writer, sharing worlds of her own creations is a passion that inspired her to become an author. She writes contemporary romance with characters who are strong and sexy with a touch of sass. 
When not writing, Amanda enjoys time with her family, playing chauffeur, chef and being an enthusiastic fan for her children. Keeping up with them keeps her alert and grounded in reality. She enjoys long car rides, chai lattes, and popping her SUV into four-wheel drive for adventures anywhere. 
Amanda loves hearing from readers. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter and follow her on social media. Join her reader group: Amanda’s Army of Readers to stay up to date on her latest information!
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