Filthy Liar 📚 New Release

From author Ainsley Booth, comes FILTHY LIAR (Forbidden Bodyguards Book 5)

She’s a liar. He’s a cheat. Nothing will ever be the same again.

It’s been a long, lonely five years. I never stopped caring for Ellie, even after I realized she’d conned her way into our firm in order to get a scoop. Now that she’s back in my life, we have a lot to catch up on—even as the world burns around us, I’m going to find a way to prove she can trust me.

I’m not his Ellie. I never was. She doesn’t exist, and if Jason starts digging into Melinda the journalist, that won’t end well for me, either. But now that some of our cards are on the table, maybe I can use Jason one last time. For the greater good.

Filthy Liar (Forbidden Bodyguards Book 5) by [Ainsley Booth]

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It’s been years since Ellie went undercover at Horus Group to investigate a story however her assignment became very personal when the chemistry ignited between her and Jason. She may have left with her story and with her cover, but she left her heart behind.

Years later she is back investigating another story when fate brings Ellie and Jason together only this time around, she needs his help. Not only do they need to deal with the past but with all the secrets in the present as well.

This story takes you on an action-packed adventure filled with intrigue, surprises and hot chemistry.

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