Fearless King 🎧 Live On Audio


Fearless King is now available on audio!

Audible UK

Audible US

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My first crush. My first heartbreak. My brother’s best friend.

The butterflies in my stomach turned into full blown eagles the second our lips touched. A kiss under the stars that changed our relationship forever.

After a lifetime of wishing, I stared up into Ford’s eyes with his fingers caressing my cheek and my heart racing.

The evening ended with my heart bleeding on the ballroom floor.

He destroyed my heart two years ago…but now he wants back in my life.

This time I won’t fall under his spell. I’ll resist his sexy, scruffy beard, and pantie-melting smirk.

I thought I was over him. Hell, I fully planned to wave to him through my rearview mirror…but with one text, in the middle of the night, I know I’m in over my head.

Ford: I need you.

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Ever since their parents have passed away it has just been Liv and her brother Colm. As a result, he is overprotective and determined to have her follow the dreams that their parents had for her even if it isn’t her dream. She has been attracted to her brother’s best friend Ford for as long as she can remember but the one time they crossed the line and shared a kiss it resulted in a separation of two years.

Not only have Ford and Colm been best friends since they were children, but they also play professional hockey for the same team. He is attracted to Liv but between Colm and the fact that his younger brother has feelings for Liv he has decided that friends is all that they can ever be.

This is a slow burning friends to lovers story that is full of emotion. There is no denying the connection and chemistry between them but for them to have a future together they will need to choose to live the life that they want not the life that others have chosen for them. I thought that the narrators did a great job of bringing out the emotion and angst of the story.


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