Cocky Kilt ๐Ÿ’œ Release Blitz

Title: Cocky Kilt
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Jolie Vines
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2020
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
I thought the scenery would be the highlight of my working trip to Scotland, then a dark-haired, kilted Highlander walks into the bar.ย 
That swoony Scottish accent.
Dark eyes and a sexy smirk.
Would anyone blame me for a quick holiday romance? Except if I want to keep my job, Ewan is off limits. I need to lock down my lust.
For a former poor kid whoโ€™s used to deprivation, this should be easier.
But my cocky Scot doesnโ€™t agree, and heโ€™s hell bent on changing my mind.
Cocky Kilt is a cute and steamy romp between a New York lass and a determined Scot. Expect sexting after dark and a love-conquers-all happy ending.
Written in the Cocky Hero Club world, Hailey, our heroine, first features in Park Avenue Player by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward.
Free in Kindle Unlimited


As a child Hailey didnโ€™t have the best upbringing until her Uncle Hollis came into her life. She is now trying to forge her path in the world of travel which is how she finds herself in Scotland visiting Ewanโ€™s family estate.

Ewan knows that an endorsement from the company that Hailey works would turn the fortunes around for him and the town but he soon realizes if it comes down to a choice between Hailey or the endorsement there is no contest.

A little family drama, a whole lot of chemistry and two people who are determined to find a way to be together.

JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and son.
From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time.
Her favourite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.
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