Christmas of Love Collection 🎄 Now Available

Collection: Christmas of Love Collection 
Authors: E.M. Shue, Emily Rose, Glenna Maynard, KL Donn, Mika Jolie, S.L. Sterling, Leaona Luxx, Mayra Statham, AJ Alexander, and Annelise Reynolds & Dawn Sullivan
Genre: Christmas Collection
Release Date: December 1, 2020
Cover Design: Alluring Write Productions
🎄Review – The Christmas Proposition🎄
Noelle is the vet in her hometown and she has heard from friends and clients alike that the man who didn’t believe she was good enough to move to NY with him is back in town with his fiancé and she is dreading their reunion.
Dax is a firefighter who has been Noelle’s best friend since they were children. He has wanted to be more than friends since he was a teenager, so he offers to pretend to be her boyfriend. As they spend time together as a couple they begin to second guess their true feelings for each other but will their first obstacle also be their last?
This is a sweet and sexy about two people who finally realize what everyone else in their lives have and that is that the only person they belong with is each other.

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