Sound Of Madness 💚 Now Available

Release Date: December 4 
Book 2 in the Broken Crown Series
He is my ruin.
My complete and utter devastation.

Loyalty or death.

And at his mercy.

A man who demands that I take it all—and submit.

I make my choice in a palace of flames,
and awake to total darkness . . .

Calloused hands bring hell to my door and
his velvet voice spews only poison.

“A traitor to the queen,” he calls me, and
though I don’t know his name, it’s clear that he’s no Prince Charming.

But no one would ever mistake me for a
damsel in distress. 

He wants me on my knees, but it won’t be
me who breaks.

Only, falling for the most hated man in
England was not the plan.

If war is hell, then love is carnage, and
the blood that’s spilled will belong to us both.
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Rowena is the Prime Minister’s daughter and the Queen’s best friend who finds herself in an impossible situation. She is strong, resilient and hasn’t let the turmoil of what she has endured changed the fierce and loyal woman that she is.

Damien considers it not only a duty and a honor to be part of Holyrood as they protect the royal family. He may be a warrior however it is only those closest to him that are allowed to see the man he is and how special he truly is.

Both Damien and Rowena find themselves facing one of the most challenging times of their lives who find themselves facing difficult choices both when it comes to those around them and when it comes to each other. Their journey is filled with intrigue, surprises you don’t see coming, emotions that will tear at your heart and characters who will captivate you.

Meet Maria Luis
Maria Luis is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author.
Historian by day and romance novelist by night, Maria lives in New Orleans, and loves bringing the city’s cultural flair into her books. When Maria isn’t frantically typing with hot chocolate in hand, she can be found binging on reality TV, going on adventures with her other half and two pups, or plotting her next flirty romance.


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