Christmas On Peach Tree Lane 🎄Available Now

🎄Christmas on Peach Tree Lane from Jules Bennett is now available! 🎄

Event planner Violet Calhoun lives to deck the halls, and her quaint Southern hometown’s fiftieth annual Tinsel Tour will be the event of the season. With a magazine crew on hand to document Peach Grove’s transformation into a winter wonderland, this year’s festivities have got to be the holly-est, jolliest yet. She does not have the time to deal with a Grinch—even a gorgeous one like Brady Jackson.

Divorce attorney Brady has plans to divest himself of his family’s ancestral mansion and be back at his Atlanta firm by New Year’s. Hanging so much as a wreath on the door is not a part of that plan. Nor is dealing with an annoying—though undeniably adorable—elf.

But Violet is all about making holiday magic happen. As they work together to stage Brady’s historic house, the town grump reveals he’s sexier than Scrooge. And after some mind-blowing kisses, what starts as a Christmas flirtation starts to feel more like a year-round affair…


Violet has always embraced the magic of the holiday season so she is ready to undertake her biggest challenge yet and that is to ensure that the town is more festive than ever before. It is important as not only does her business need the positive publicity that it will generate but the town as well. It does not bode well for the situation that she requires the help of Brady, but she is determined to win him over.

Brady is a lawyer whose life is all work and no play. When circumstances force him to take some time away from his career, he heads to Peace Grove to arrange to sell his deceased Uncle’s house. What he wasn’t expecting was a whirlwind named Violet who not only has him participating in activities he never thought he would, but she has him questioning the choices he has made in life.

This is a heartwarming and romantic story between two people who couldn’t be more different who realize what is truly important in life and love.

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