Saylor 💚 Available Now

Saylor is LIVE!

If you love…

✔️second chance romance
✔️a sexy, single dad
✔️a nerdy, school teacher

then you’ll love Saylor by Kelsie Rae.

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When Owen Daniels, my high school sweetheart, skipped town to become a college football star, he shattered my heart––and my dreams.
Eventually, despite being used to the numbness, I worked hard to grow into the best elementary school teacher I could be.
And I was fine.
Until a familiar last name popped up on my classroom roster.
Owen’s back.
But he’s not alone.
And my adorable new student who calls him Daddy?
He should’ve been mine.
No matter how easily that sweet little boy has managed to slip past my defenses, I’m committed to keeping my brittle heart safe from his father.
But Owen has made his intentions clear. He’s hell-bent on winning me back.
So, when my little sister hatches a plan for revenge, I’m officially on board.
After all, we’re playing by my rules now.

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It’s been a decade since the only man that Saylor has ever loved left her behind to pursue his dreams. The first surprise was finding out he returned but that is nothing compared to finding out his son is in her class, but she has her own surprise planned for him.

Owen had his reasons for the actions he took all those years ago and even though he hurt her it was with the best of intentions. He is determined to show Saylor that they have always belonged together and this is a battle he is determined to win.

Owen is the perfect mix of sweet and swoony as he shows Saylor by word and deed that trusting him with her heart will give them both everything they could want in life and more

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