The Agent 🧡 New Release

From author Nancy Herkness, comes THE AGENT (The Consultants Book 3)

The Agent (The Consultants Book 3) by [Nancy Herkness]

Letting down her guard leaves a woman vulnerable to love—and to a menacing stalker—in a pulse-pounding novel by Nancy Herkness, award-winning author of The Hacker.

After fleeing her abusive ex, New Jersey salon owner Natalie Hart is reclaiming her life and self-esteem. Her fragile recovery doesn’t need a player like former FBI agent Tully Gibson, no matter how tempting a fling sounds. Then Natalie starts receiving anonymous notes, each more frightening and threatening than the last. To help track her stalker, Natalie knows whom to call. Their explosive chemistry together is an emotional hazard she’s willing to risk.

A high-powered security expert at KRG Consulting, Tully has intimacy issues of his own. The stirring hum of attraction he feels with his new client comes with boundaries. Tully’s job: just keep Natalie safe. But keeping his distance is getting harder. Whoever is playing games with Natalie wants to take things one deadly step further. The deeper Tully and Natalie are drawn into danger, the closer they become.

It’s time for Natalie and Tully to face their fears—of falling in love and of falling prey to a vengeful killer.

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Natalie has left her abusive marriage in her past and has created a new life for herself, but she is cautious about those she allows close to her. She may be attracted to Tully, but she isn’t about to let any man close enough to hurt her again however fate and their friends seem to keep throwing them together.

Tully has transitioned from his career in the FBI to KRG Consulting. When he and Natalie find themselves spending time together due to their friends wedding, he finds out that Natalie has attracted the attention of the wrong person. This revelation not only makes him determined to keep her safe but she has him rethinking his stance on love and relationships.

If Tully and Natalie are to have a future together they must not only deal with the danger in the present but heal from the past as well. Romance and intrigue combine as we not only get to see the relationship between Tully and Natalie develop but catch up with all the other characters in this series as well.

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