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Release Date: January 26


It’s funny how one night can change everything.
Since my parents died, I refuse to be another statistic. I’ve had to make sacrifices – especially when it comes to my social life. I’m convinced it’s worth it and I’ll have plenty of time to focus on me… later.
Then Sydney walks into my life and knocks my world off kilter.
She’s strong, sexy, independent and possibly more than I can handle. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but my reality and the secret I’m harboring, might have her running in the other direction.
Will my perfectly laid out plans go up in flames if I take a chance on her?
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Due to a tragedy Vince is dedicated to his family and they come first in his life with work, school and friends a distant second while romance doesn’t even register on his radar. On a rare night out with his friends his world is rocked when it brings Sydney into his life.
Sydney is fierce, independent and cautious about those she allows close. She quickly realizes that Vince isn’t like the other men she has dated and rather than pushing him away she wants him close but will the secret he holds bring them closer or tear them apart?
Sydney and Vince couldn’t be more different when it came to their lifestyles and personalities but in each other they found the balance and future they both deserve.


Meet Amanda Shelley
Amanda Shelley loves falling into a book to experience new worlds. As an avid reader and writer, sharing worlds of her own creations is a passion that inspired her to become an author. 
She writes contemporary romance with characters who are strong and sexy with a touch of sass. 
When not writing, Amanda enjoys time with her family, playing chauffeur, chef and being an enthusiastic fan for her children. Keeping up with them keeps her alert and grounded in reality. She enjoys long car rides, chai lattes, and popping her SUV into four-wheel drive for adventures anywhere. 
Amanda loves hearing from readers. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter and follow her on social media. Join her reader group: Amanda’s Army of Readers to stay up to date on her latest information!
Connect with Amanda Shelley:
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