Built To Fall 🎤 Release Blitz

Title: Built to Fall
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Standalone Rock Star/Age Gap Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2021


“You’re perfect for this job, Claire. He won’t want to sleep with you. You’re not his…type.” 

Dominic Cantrell has been famous almost as long as I’ve been alive, but he remains a dark, volatile mystery. 
I know why I was hired to handle Dominic’s PR while he’s on tour. It’s not because of my experience—I have next to none. It’s because I’m safe. Plain, quiet, shy, with more-than-ample curves, I won’t distract him.
What I didn’t count on was Dominic distracting me instead. I shouldn’t be so drawn to him. He’s too old for me, too closed-off, and definitely too angry, but I’ve been a good girl for far too long. 
Why can’t I be just a little bit bad, especially when my rock star fantasy is so willing to corrupt me? 
Our fling has an expiration date at the end of the tour. No strings, no feelings, no heartbreak when it’s over. 
I tell myself I won’t fall. But I don’t know if I’m built that way.

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Julia Wolf is a lover of all things romance. From steamy, to sweet, to funny, to so dirty you’ll be blushing for days, she loves it all. 

Formerly a hair stylist, she spent years collecting stories her clients couldn’t wait to spill. And now that she’s writing full time, she’s putting those stories to use, although all identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent! 
Julia lives in Maryland with her three crazy, beautiful kids and her patient husband who she’s slowly converting to a romance reader, one book at a time.



Claire has just ended a devastating marriage which has changed her. She doesn’t recognize the woman she has become, and she needs to make changes and that begins with a job. Working for a sexy older Rockstar that featured in her teenage fantasies will give her the independence she needs besides it is not like a man like him would ever be interested in a woman like her.

Dominic has achieved professional success beyond his dreams, but he also has a painful past that continues to haunt him. He is attracted to Claire in spite of himself and she has him feeling things he never thought he would again. When the chemistry between ignites they agree that it will end when the tour does but will their hearts agree?

Dominic is exactly who Claire needs in her life as with support and understanding we see her become the woman she is destined to be and she shows him that he deserves more than the life he has been living. Hot chemistry, captivating characters and all the feels.

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