Harley, Stealing Happiness 🏍 Available Now

 π‡πšπ«π₯𝐞𝐲, π’π­πžπšπ₯𝐒𝐧𝐠 π‡πšπ©π©π’π§πžπ¬π¬ is live! This is a friends to lovers, secret romance, stand alone. 

Purchase Harley, Stealing Happiness HERE: https://www.daniellenorman.com/books/harley-stealing-happiness/

I’ve been attracted to one man for years, fellow deputy Aiden McGuire. Our chemistry is off the charts; we argue and banter in front of our friends.
But what no one sees is that I sneak over to his apartment at night and once again our chemistry is off the charts.
I have no clue how long he can keep our secret.
Me? I can keep it forever because I’ve been keeping another one since I was little. My biggest fear is that people discover that I’m not the sharp-tongue, confident, sex kitten that I pretend to be.
When I offer to help my cousin Ridley, the president of the Blood Roses, a vigilanteβ€”all ladies MC, my past comes back to haunt me.
Will I be able to keep it all together, my childhood secret, and Aiden, or will my world collapse like a row of dominos, one after the other.
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Find more books by Danielle Norman: https://www.daniellenorman.com/


Harley has used her difficult childhood as a stepping stone for her career in law enforcement. She is strong and sassy as she hides her emotional scars. She has been enjoying a secret physical relationship with her friend Aiden and is happy with the status quo.

Aiden is Hayley’s friend and co-worker, but he wants much more from her. He wants to make their relationship public and permanent, but she isn’t on board however when her past puts her in jeopardy he is determined to prove to her that they are perfect partners both in life and in love.

This story has all the aspects that you love about this series including humor, heat, captivating characters and all the feels.

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