Laces ❤ Release Blitz

 Release Date: January 31
Welcome to Hawthorne Asylum.
Welcome to hell. 
This place isn’t run by the doctors who make you talk or the orderlies who force you to swallow your pills.
It belongs to them, to the Infamous Four. 
Tabloids, talk shows, documentaries—their faces have been plastered everywhere. Not because of their impressive rap sheets, but because of how they look. 
And when I arrive, they take notice. Especially their king: Lincoln “Laces” Caster. 
He’s dark and disturbed. 
He’s controlling and possessive.
Exactly the kind of boy I should stay away from if I want to clear my name and get out of here. 
*LACES is not intended for readers under seventeen. This book does have RH elements, strong language/cursing, and triggering scenes (that might not be suitable for everybody). Laces is a slow burn that builds toward intimate scenes as the series progresses. This is book one in the Boys of Hawthorne Asylum series.

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Gambrielle finds herself at the Hawthorne Asylum when she her need for justice has led to her being betrayed by those that she was closest to in order to protect themselves. She may find herself in a difficult situation, but she isn’t about to let anything stand in the way of ensuring those responsible are held accountable.
Laces and his three friends hold the power in the Asylum and they know it. From his first meeting with Gambrielle he knows that she is special which leads to some questionable actions but it is only a matter of time before she becomes part of his inner circle.
With everything we learn about the characters it just has us intrigued to learn more as the story leads up to a cliffhanger that leaves us wanting to know what the future holds for Gambrielle, Laces and the other characters as well.
Meet Tempi Lark

TempiLark is a USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult and Young Adult Romance. 

She lives in Tennessee with her husband & son. 
When she’s not writing she can be found playing monopoly with her husband & son (they think she cheats), binge-watching Netflix (Outlander & Grey’s Anatomy), or reading a book.  
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