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SINFUL HEIR (The Heirs #6) by Michelle Heard
Release Date: February 1st

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Coldhearted Heir #1
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Tristan Hayes is a mystery. One I’m dying to solve.
There’s a dark side to him few know about.
As much as it scares me, it draws me in like a moth to a flame.

Where he’s ruthless in the business world, he’s gentle when it comes to me.

His touch makes me burn for more. His kisses drug me until there’s only him.

Because I belong to him, I’ve become a target.
Held captive, my memories of Tristan are what keeps me sane.

Tristan, Tristan, Tristan,
What did he do?
Sowing destruction and anger,
He might be Hana’s doom.
He met with a man,
Who could help him save his love;
But then Tristan became the monster,
That was buried deep inside his heart.

About the Author:
Michelle Heard is a Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She resides in South Africa with her son where she’s always planning her next book to write, and trip to take.

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Hana may be attracted to Tristan but she isn’t about to be distracted by him as she is mature beyond her years and she has plans for the future. She believes that if she is anything more than a passing fancy to him than he will be willing to wait and if he isn’t then they wouldn’t have lasted anyway.
When Tristan notices that Hana is now a woman and not the girl he remembers he is enchanted. He knows that she is his destiny and is willing to be patient until she realizes it as well. He is protective and determined so when someone dares to take what he cherishes the most his dark side emerges and there isn’t anyone or anything that will stop him from getting her back.
Tristan and Hana are each other’s everything as they take us on a bumpy ride and their story will captivate you from beginning to end.

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