To Have And To Hold 💍 Hot New Release


TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by CC Monroe & KD Robichaux is LIVE!



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We were warned about the seven-year itch. It never came—thank God. But nobody warned us about what can come between man and wife when life gets in the way. Kids, jobs, jealousy, and more.

I was afraid the new woman he hired was going to fuel that jealousy inside me. She wanted him, and I knew it, felt it. I couldn’t miss those green eyes looking him over as if he were prey.

He was the most prominent plastic surgeon on the Vegas Strip; he saw beautiful women every day. But would this one, the leggy brunette who so obviously wanted to wreck the home I wasn’t sure was already broken or not, snake her way in?
Now I had to compete for the love of my life on the eve of our last attempt to save our marriage—our vow renewal ceremony.

It was time to remind my husband I wasn’t just a mom and housewife.

I was the woman who tamed the beast, and I’d do it again.

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Gideon is a plastic surgeon who fell in love with Scarlett from their first meeting and two years and eight years of marriage has only made him love her more. He knows that something is wrong in their marriage and he is determined to find out what it is and prove to his wife that she is the only woman he will ever want, and he loves her just the way she is.

Due to her past Scarlett is feeling uncertain about Gideon and their marriage and the beautiful assistant he hired isn’t helping matters. They need to reclaim the couple they used to be. Let the fireworks begin!

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