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SHAMELESS by Leela Lou Dahlin
(Featuring Raven cosmetics from Beloved with Danielle Masters)


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The arrangement was simple: pretend to be Maverick ‘Mav’ Brantley’s girlfriend for two weeks.
He needed someone to keep the vultures at Raven Cosmetics back, and I needed him to take their modeling job for that six-month catering contract they were offering me.
I had nothing to lose.
Two weeks with Mav meant two weeks of flirting, friendship, and fiery sex.
No strings attached.
Simple isn’t always that straight-forward. Not when hearts are on the line and spending time with Mav proves to be more intoxicating than I thought it would be.
I should’ve seen it coming.
Two weeks isn’t a lot of time, but it’s just long enough for someone to fall in love and get their heart broken.



About the Author:
Leela Lou Dahlin has loved reading for as long as she can remember and writing for about the same amount of time. Molding letters into words, words into chapters and chapters into making love…one story at a time. Crafting stories that are spicy with a sidecar of sweet is what she likes to do best. An RN Case Manager by day and writer by night she juggles being a mom to 5 children with all the other hats she has the pleasure of wearing.

She also writes contemporary MM romance under the name LL Dahlin.

Connect with Leela:
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Harlow has recently opened a new café and she meets Mav when she tries an unorthodox marketing approach at the pub where he works. While there her friend decides that he would be the perfect model for the campaign by Raven Cosmetics and if he agrees they will give her a six month catering contract.

Mav was enchanted by Harlow from their first meeting and agrees to model but only if Harlow agrees to pretend to be his boyfriend. The chemistry between them is explosive so it isn’t long before their physical relationship becomes personal, but Mav hasn’t been completely honest and if Harlow finds out it might be the one challenge they won’t be able to overcome.

Mav and Harlow were so much fun together and even though Mav’s past has made him cautious the mistakes he made were with the best of intentions.

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