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SANCTIONED by Michelle Cornish
(Featuring Carolina, counselor to Ashton in Infinite with appearances from Natalie and Mark as well)


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Sometimes love happens when you’re running for your life . . .

Carolina Borden isn’t interested in being tied to a man. She’s worked hard to build a life for herself, and her dream career as a fertility counselor is all she needs.

Retired Delta Force Operator Duncan Kade just wants to start over somewhere he isn’t a danger to anyone. But danger follows him . . . everywhere.

When faced with a deadly cartel, Carolina and Duncan must rely on each other to save themselves from the pasts they’ve each tried so hard to hide.

Falling in love wasn’t part of their plan . . . It wasn’t sanctioned.



About the Author:
As an undergrad student, I was drawn to self-help and psychology books. I still am. But, thinking I didn’t have a career in psychology, I studied accounting and became a CPA. A CPA colleague introduced me to the page-turning work of thriller author Greg Iles.

I was hooked!

I’d always thought I’d write a book when I was retired. Then I realized I’m not the type of person to ever retire, so I started writing. My first book was non-fiction designed to teach business owners how to find an accountant. It lit the writing fire within me, and I decided to take a crack at writing fiction.

I strive to write the kind of books I enjoy reading – interesting (yet complicated) characters, a little romance, and a lot of mystery and intrigue! I enjoy reading many genres, and so, I also enjoy writing many different things. I struggled to figure out how they were all connected then one day, it clicked.

Strong women in sticky situations!

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Carolina is a counselor at a family planning clinic when she is asked to complete an evaluation to ensure the fitness of a man that Cole Security is thinking of hiring. Duncan is still dealing with PTSD after retiring as a hostage negotiator for Delta Force however he believes that working for Cole Security would not only be a good match for his skills but allow him to be near his sister and niece as well.

From their first meeting the sparks fly so when he sees her in a social situation he isn’t about to just let her walk out of his life. The more time they spend together the closer they become however when the danger escalates around them will they be able to find out who is behind it before it is too late?

Intrigue, surprises and heat as Carolina and Duncan fight for the future they both deserve.

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