Violent Ends 🎧 Now on Audio

🎧Violent Ends: White Monarch, Book 2 from Jessica Hawkins on Audio!🎧

Book Two in the USA Today best-selling White Monarch trilogy. Complete series available now.

The devil has a name, and it’s Cristiano de la Rosa. On my wedding day, he was the last man I expected to see standing at the altar. But he plans to make me his queen — unless his brother can rescue his princess.

Getting Cristiano to lose control becomes the name of the game, and the stakes are life and death. But as truth and lies blur, loyalty is tested, and our chemistry threatens to reach the melting point, the prize grows less clear. Either freedom no longer means what I think it does, or Cristiano is as devious as everyone says, and he’s mastered the art of playing my mind.

All I know for certain is that nothing is certain. And all you need to know?

This is a love story. But even love stories have to end.

Natalia has accepted that the future she planned will no longer be her choice but that doesn’t mean she likes it. She will bow to the pressures of others and marry Cristiano but she is not about to become the subservient wife who follows her husband’s dictates especially when no trust exists between them.

Cristiano rules his empire with an iron fist but when it comes to Natalia we see a much different side. Natalia’s feisty and fiery personality only intrigues him that much more and makes him that much determined to not only win her body but her heart as well.

This story has all the heat, emotion and suspense you could ask for and it all escalates into a cliffhanger that leaves us wanting to know what the future holds for this couple. I listened to a complimentary copy of the audiobook and the narrators brought out depth of both of these characters and the emotions that they are feeling.

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