Till Death Do Us Part 💍 New Release

TILL DEATH DO US PART by Harlow Layne is LIVE!

When I arrived in Vegas for my best friend’s wedding, I never thought I’d want to jump the wedding party.
That was until I saw Everly walking across the hotel lobby.
Sparks flew. Drinks were drunk, and all I could think about was getting in her in my bed and underneath me.
When she asked, “What if I’m saving myself for marriage?”
My dick had the solution.
One stop at Cupid’s Wedding Chapel and I had a wedding band on my left hand and the woman I wanted in my bed.
Now I was married to the maid of honor, and all hell was about to break loose.
Pack your bags and get ready to head to Las Vegas this Valentine’s Day! Seven fabulous authors have teamed up to bring you a series of fully standalone novellas that will have your heart racing and will have you panting for more! Join our couple’s at Cupid’s Chapel where six couples are about to get married this Valentine’s Day! What happens in Vegas…


Leo is in Vegas to be the best man at his friend’s wedding and he is enchanted by Everly, the maid of honor, when he saw her across the room before they even met. When they met each other the feelings only intensified and after a few drinks, an impromptu wedding and a steamy evening they never expected that they would be the ones leaving town married.

Leo and Everly were so much fun together and even though the start to their romance may have been unconventional that didn’t mean they didn’t belong together.

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