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Release Date: February 15, 2021
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Moo U Hockey:

Slapshot - Rebecca Jenshak.png
I’m banished to Vermont for a scandal that wasn’t my fault, and broke because my famous father cut me off. And did I mention my roommate stole my boyfriend? Yeah, I’m loving my Moo U experience.

Now I need a job, because this gel manicure won’t upkeep itself. The only available option is the last one I’d ever want–a job as the hockey team’s equipment manager. My plan is to do the bare minimum, get paid, and find my way back into my father’s good graces.

I will not get involved with a hockey player, no matter how hot. They’re cocky. And obnoxious. I know their type, and I’m not willing to risk getting hurt again. Until Lex Vonne glides into my life looking like sin on a stick.

He thinks I’m a spoiled brat.
I think he’s using me to get ahead.
But the fire I feel when we’re together is like a slapshot to my heart…



Kaitlyn has grown up in the shadow of her father who has retired from a successful professional hockey career and is now a successful businessman. She has made some questionable choices in her past which results in her winding up at Moo University. When her father refuses to support her any further until her grades improve she finds herself needing a job and the only one available is the equipment manager for the hockey team.

Lex is attracted to Kaitlyn however any attempts he makes to get to know her are rebuffed but the one thing you can say about the man is that he is determined both when it comes to hockey and to Kaitlyn. Every action he takes and everything he says is to break down her walls and ensure her that all he wants is her.

Kaitlyn and Lex were so much fun together and her best friend and his teammates made the story even better. There is so much more to Kaitlyn than first appears and Lex’s patience and understanding ix exactly what she needs as she makes peace with her past.

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