The Spy Who Loved Me 💛 Release Blitz



THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (sort of) by S. Doyle
Release Date: February 25th






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See the world. Go to Italy. Have an affair with a sexy stranger. Get out of the rut my life has become.

Done. Done. And done.

Except I slept with the wrong sexy stranger who turns out wasn’t the easy going sports writer I thought he was. Instead he’s a spy. A spy who is after me!

Then the father I’ve never met turns up and he’s a nuclear scientist. What the fork? Throw a kidnapping Russian into the mix and my once dull life is now chaos.

And to make it that much worse…I fell in love during the whole mess!

Which makes my new boyfriend the bad guy. Or the good guy. I’m not really sure.

One thing I know for certain… I can’t totally trust him.




About the Author:
No joke, my romance writing career started when I was ten and realized that Leia and Han were the true couple in Star Wars.

It’s been about thirty years and over forty books and I still love it.

I also write as Stephanie Doyle for Harlequin if you’re interested in reading more.

Connect w/S. Doyle:


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