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FORBIDDEN HEIR (The Heirs #8) by Michelle Heard
Release Date: March 1st

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I had my life all planned out.
At twenty-eight, I’d meet my prince.
At thirty, we’d get married.
At thirty-two, we’d have a child.

How does that saying go about best-laid plans?

Here I am at thirty-one. Miserable, alone, and running out of time.

Then my prince arrives. I didn’t expect he would be Ryker West.

But it turns out just like death, love comes when you least expect it.

Danny, Danny, quite contrary
Why doesn’t your hair grow? With IVs and pain,
And death waiting to take the final blow.

About the Author:
Michelle Heard is a Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She resides in South Africa with her son where she’s always planning her next book to write, and trip to take.

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Danny has achieved the professional success she has always wanted but when it comes to love and a family of her own her dream seems to diminish with every passing day. The one man who makes her heart beat faster is also the one man she must stay away from as not only is he a co-worker but he is her younger brother’s best friend.
Ryker has been attracted to Danny for as long as she can remember but he doesn’t believe that she will ever see her as more than her brother’s best friend. One business trip changes everything and happiness is finally within both their grasps until their lives take a turn that will have them re-evaluating their future.
Ryker and Danny’s journey is at times heartbreaking and at times inspiring but it will definitely make you feel. Danny is stronger than even she knows while Ryker is so supportive and understanding as they both fight for the future they want to have.

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