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A year ago, I lost my job and my best friend.

Ever since then I’ve kept my emotions on lockdown.

I’ve built my walls into a fortress.

I wasn’t expecting Mari to walk into my life.

And I never thought I would let someone in.

But with her, I had no choice.

She saw me.

The only one who ever has.

But I still hold back from letting her in completely.

And I know she is too.

Her secrets run deep… Deeper than mine.

And I know they will come crashing down.

Our pasts are ready to break us both.

Is she meant to be my salvation or am I forever destined for desolation?





About the Author:

Tori Fox is the author of contemporary romance with a little bit of angst and a whole lot of sexy. Besides writing you can find her curled up on the couch with her dog reading a book, yelling at the TV during a hockey game or at a karaoke bar singing her heart out. No matter where she is there will always be a bottle of champagne near. Tori lives above the clouds with her husband in the Rocky Mountains.


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The events that Landon has endured nearly destroyed them, but he has picked up the pieces and created a new life for himself at Cole Security. He is determined to keep people at a distance so he never feels that same pain again but there is something about Mari that has him breaking all his rules.

Mari finds herself in town as she isn’t sure who she can trust, and she needs some help to uncover the truth. Landon is a complication she wasn’t expecting but will the greatest danger come from her past or what he could do to her heart?

Two captivating characters take us on a journey filled with intrigue, romance and surprise

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