Headstrong 💙 Available Now

Headstrong by Eden Finley

Release Date: March 22, 2021
Purchase here: https://geni.us/AmazonHeadstrong
Add to Goodreads here: https://bit.ly/34H76l7
Vino & Veritas: https://hearteyespress.com/wotn#/vino-and-veritas/
Cover Design: Christine Coffey

Headstrong LIVE.png


A straight guy gives gay hookup tips to a virgin. What could go wrong?

When I first met Whit, I couldn’t get away from him fast enough. He’s a hockey player, and I hate everything to do with the sport that broke my heart.

But I can’t help feeling sorry for the guy. He’s newly out and desperate to meet someone, but his eagerness seems to scare potential hook-ups away.

Agreeing to be his wingman should’ve been simple. Watching him flirt with other guys made things complicated.

Whit challenges me in every aspect of my life, from my hatred of hockey to the new questions I’m asking myself. Like why a straight man suddenly can’t stop thinking about kissing another guy.

I think the answer lies somewhere on Whit’s lips…

headstrong teaser 3.png


Hockey had always been a part of Rainn’s life plan but a career ending injury changed everything. He now finds himself working as a bartender trying to put as much distance between him and his former life as possible. When he sees Whit floundering, he steps in to help not expecting that it would have him facing his own life choices as well.

Whit is playing hockey while he finishes college however it is just a means to an end as his life plan includes working on his family’s farm. He has recently embraced his sexuality however his lack of flirting skills aren’t compensating for his enthusiasm. Rainn’s offer to help is greatly appreciated but he never expected to develop feelings for the teacher who is only interested in women.

Rainn and Whit were so much fun together as they go on a journey of self discovery and learn what they want in a life partner. Humorous interactions combined with a sweet and sexy romance as two very different people find what has been missing in their lives and that is each other.

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