Heartscape ❤ Available Now

Heartscape by Garrett Leigh

Release Date: March 22, 2021
Purchase here: https://geni.us/AmazonHeartscape
Add to Goodreads here: https://bit.ly/3roFo6y
Vino & Veritas Series Page: https://hearteyespress.com/wotn#/vino-and-veritas/
Cover Design: Christine Coffey

Heartscape LIVE.png


From award-winning author Garrett Leigh comes a gorgeous new romance in the True North world! Think: great food, burly men and good times. Beards are optional but encouraged.

I’m not the obvious choice to run Burlington’s coolest wine bar—quiet, brooding, clueless about tannin content, and always one wrong turn away from another downward spiral.

But no one seems to mind that I’m a wreck. Besides me. I just focus on getting through each shift until the night a beautiful stranger appears, looking as lost and damaged as I feel.

When a mutual friend calls in a favor, the sexy newcomer winds up crashing on my couch. I don’t know if it’s his melodic Cornish accent, or his ocean blue eyes, or the rock-hard body with the mysterious scars, but I get the feeling whatever happened to him runs far deeper than those wounds.

Having Jax in my home makes my chest warm. Makes me shiver. Makes me want more. But I’ve got a pile of baggage and I don’t want to be a burden on anyone let alone a man who seems to have enough demons of his own.

Our chemistry is off the charts. His arms feel like home. The last thing I want is to screw this up. Is it wrong to hope we can heal each other? Or will one of us die trying?

HEARTSCAPE is a heartfelt MM friends-to-lovers romance in the True North world, with a brooding bartender, a rugged outdoorsman, sweet angst and lots of Shipley cider. Triggers: contains mentions of depression, suicidal ideation and PTSD recovery.

heartscape teaser3.png


Tanner has created a new life for himself as the manager of Vino and Veritas, but every day is a fight to keep the aftermath of his past at bay. When he was at his lowest his family was there for him so when someone else needs help, he can’t say no.

Jax has his own past that he is dealing but finding himself homeless isn’t making things easier so being offered the chance to stay with Tanner is an offer he isn’t about to turn down. He expected them to be roommates but nothing could have prepared him for the way they would change each other’s lives.

Tanner and Jax have endured more than any two people should have to and if anyone deserves a happy ever after it is them. Seeing the way they open their hearts and their pasts to each other is a testament to why they belong together.

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