Devil You Hate 💛 Available Now

Releases April 9

If you make a deal with the devil he will always collect. 
They call me “The Devil.” 
Deranged and violent. 
Gorgeous but frightening. 
The night before her arranged marriage I kidnap her.  
As the last remaining daughter to the Ricci Family I know her father will do anything to keep his hold over the five families which means he’ll do anything to keep her safe.
Beautiful, fragile and innocent, destroying her will push her father over the edge.
Taking her was revenge, plain and simple. Spilled blood for spilled blood. 
Most wouldn’t dare cross another mob family, but I’m scared of no one. 
I figure the mafia princess will be easy to break, but I’m wrong. 
The light in her tempts the darkness inside of me. Teases it, tortures it. 
Every day I find myself wanting to hurt her, break her, keep her. 
Lucky for Celia, she fails to see that their is no escaping what I have planned and when she attempts to draw me in with her innocence, and sweet naive heart I thrive to show her what true darkness is.

*This is a dark mafia romance, that contains non-con/dub con, graphic violence, and sexual themes. It is not a standalone novel and ends on a cliffhanger.**

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Book 2, Devil You Know release date May 21! 
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Nicolo is the head of the Diavolo family who has been planning the perfect vengeance against those who were responsible for the death of his family. He has planned every aspect to final detail but the one thing he hadn’t planned on was not only his attraction to his captive but the feelings he was developing for her as well.
Celia was born and raised in a mafia family and she has always known that her future would be more merger than marriage to someone her father deemed suitable. It is not the life she wants but after being abducted by Nic she is beginning to believe that neither fate was a good choice.
Nic is determined to prove his power and dominance over Celia but rather than her cowering in fright she takes delight in provoking him. The heat between them radiates off the pages but we will have to wait for the conclusion of this due to find out if that is enough to change the plan that he has already set in motion.
Meet J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

J.L. Beck and C. Hallman are an international bestselling author duo who writes dark and contemporary romance.  

J.L. Beck is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, she has written over fifty different romance novels. She started her journey of writing back in 2014 and hasn’t slowed down a second since then. 


She’s captivated by real romance and loves reading about strong “ALPHA” males, as well as sassy heroines that know or may not know what they want. She is best known for delivering a happily ever after but has ended things on a cliffhanger a time or two.


When she’s not typing away at her next book you can find her being a mom to her two adorable kiddos and wife to her high school sweetheart. 

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C. Hallman is a USA Today Bestselling Author who wrote her debut Novel in 2018. Born and raised in Germany, Cassandra moved to the United States when she was eighteen. She’s now a  mom to three boys and happily married. With a love for reading, that love slowly transpired into writing she put fingers to the keyboard and started writing about the dark side of romance. 

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January 2019, the two authors teamed up and wrote their first novel together, Convict Me. The book turned into a popular six part dark romance series. Quickly, the pair realized how great they work together and decided to write as a duo indefinitely. 


Since then, they have published four successful series including the international bestseller The North Woods University series and the Amazon top 75 Bestseller Savage Beginnings.


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