Close Quarters 🎧on Audio!

🎧Close Quarters from Kandi Steiner on Audio!🎧

From best-selling author Kandi Steiner comes a fresh and captivating billionaire romance about a reserved photographer and the powerful CEO who has to have her….

My boyfriend’s billionaire boss always gets what he wants.

Menacingly handsome and unquestionably powerful, Theo Whitman need only snap his fingers to have a flock of supermodels fall at his feet. So when his steel gray eyes first meet mine, I expect him to pass right over me, to not give so much as a second thought to my presence.

Instead, he sees me.

Truly sees me.

And for a girl who prefers to hide behind her camera lens, it’s the most unnerving experience of my life.

Until he asks me to stay on his yacht for the summer.

All I have to do to earn my keep is be Theo’s on-call photographer when he has guests, and I’ll get a free ride through the Mediterranean with my boyfriend. Easy peasy.

Still, my skin prickles in warning when I say yes.

As the humid days fade into balmy nights, I can’t seem to avoid Theo. And when he finds me, it’s like a rabbit running into a wolf.

His intense gaze immobilizes me. The way he speaks strips me bare. Every brush of his skin sears me like a violent flame.

My boyfriend’s billionaire boss always gets what he wants.

And this time, I think he wants me.

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Aspen’s plan for the summer are to travel and spend as much time enhancing her photography skills as possible even if it means being separated from her boyfriend as he will be part of the crew on a yacht. She never expected that meeting his boss would not only result in her being able to spend the summer on the yacht with her boyfriend and being able to do what she loved.

Theo was enchanted by her from their first meeting and it only became stronger when they find themselves spending time together. He helps her see not only the woman she is but the woman she is destined to be which causes her to reflect on not only what will fulfill her in the present but in the future as well.

Theo and Aspen have a connection that transcends far beyond the physical. Their journey is filled with romance, not only between the characters but with the setting as well, a little suspense and a whole lotta feels which will draw you in and captivate you from beginning to end. I enjoyed the pacing of the story from the narrator and thought she managed to bring out all the angst of the story and the characters.

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