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FRACTURED REIGN (Gravestone Elite #3) by Caitlyn Dare

Release Date: May 6th


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The Gravestone Elite Trilogy is now COMPLETE and ready to binge read!! Also available in Kindle Unlimited!


FRACTURED REIGN (Gravestone Elite #3)


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When Mia wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there, she braces herself for bad news.

But nothing can ever prepare her for the truth.

Betrayed by the very people who were supposed to protect her, Mia no longer knows who to trust.

All Bexley wants is to fix things for the girl he loves, and keep those around him safe.

Even if it means embracing his legacy.

Can Bexley and Mia fight their own demons while fighting the enemies closing in around them…

Or will it be too late to save each other?

Fractured Reign is the conclusion to Mia and Bexley’s dark and twisted story.


Fractured Reign in the final book in the Gravestone Elite trilogy. It is a DARK BULLY ROMANCE and contains mature content that some readers may find disturbing. You have been warned.





“Fractured Reign and the conclusion to this epic, dark, mind-twistingly addictive trilogy has me completely awe-stricken.”

Melissa, Book Boyfriend and Husband Make Three


“This series blew me away and Fractured Reign is an AMAZING end to the series. If you are a fan of dark suspenseful NA romances, this is a MUST READ book and series and you need it in your life.”

Ga Books LoverX


“This series was brilliant. It was well paced and well thought out and the world created was fascinating. This book was a fitting conclusion to the series and I cannot wait to see what comes next for this author.”


About the Author:

Two angsty romance lovers writing dark heroes and the feisty girls who bring them to their knees.


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Mia has endured an experience that no should have to and even though she has been rescued her fight is only beginning. She senses danger all around her and the thought that the perpetrator is free and could strike again is almost more than she can bear. She is struggling as she tries to come to terms with what happened, and she feels that no one truly understands her pain.

Bex is devastated by what happened and he is torn between trying to be there for Mia and ensuring that those responsible can never strike again. He knows that the woman he loves is forever changed but there is nothing he won’t do to help her heal.

Bex and Mia take us on an emotional journey filled with surprises and intrigue as they fight to overcome everything they have been through so they can have the future they both deserve.

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