Irished 🧡 Available Now

Title: Irished
Series: The Invincibles Book 7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 6, 2021
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing
Amazon Link:


Undercover for years, I learned one thing: be careful who you trust. Now, I need to know who’s killing our best operatives. Back on the ranch, I can uncover the secrets, while proving myself to everyone who doubts the truth. But Flynn Wheaton knows more, feels more, than meets the eye. She’s the first truth I’m going to conquer…
Pain hidden by kindness. He’s the perfect mystery, the rugged and inked man with secrets to unfold. He may be my brother’s partner, but I plan to know more, uncover it all. When my life is threatened, there’s only one thing I want to know, Will I finally get IRISHED?

Author Bio: Heather Slade gave herself the gift of writing a book for her own birthday one year. Thirty-plus books later (and counting), she’s hit a couple of best-seller lists and has had the time of her life. For Slade, the joy is in the writing, but nothing makes her happier than hearing from a reader who tells her that she’s made her laugh or cry or gasp or hold her breath or stay up all night because she can’t put one of her books down.
The women she writes are self-confident, strong, with wills of their own, and hearts as big as the Colorado sky. The men are sublimely sexy, seductive alphas who rise to the challenge of capturing the sweet soul of a woman whose heart they’ll hold in the palm of their hand forever. Add in a couple of neck-snapping twists and turns, a page-turning mystery, and a swoon-worthy HEA, and you’ll be holding one of Slade’s books in your hands.

She loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her at
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Irish is an undercover agent who has noticed a suspicious trend regarding the death of fellow agents and their last missions. His search for the truth leads to him being treated as an accomplice when he is sent to the Buck’s family ranch to continue his investigation and meets Flynn.

Flynn was raised in a family of men and even though her brothers loved her she felt very alone. She still carries the emotional hurt of the bullying and belittling she experienced while she was growing up that she doesn’t talk about. She may be attracted to Irish but doesn’t believe she can hold his attention for the long term.

As the investigation continues the feelings between Flynn and Irish escalate. The difference in their ages is irrelevant when it comes to the heart as they show each other that that they are accepted and loved for who the other is exactly as they are.

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