Trick Play 🏈 Release Blitz

Trick Play by Jerica MacMillan is now live!

She’s the key to everything I want …

This was supposed to be my year.

Until a transfer student took my starting quarterback spot, slashing my chances of going pro.

I’ve spent all season trying to prove myself to the new coach, win my way back into the spot that’s rightfully mine.

When that doesn’t work, I’m forced to come up with a new tactic, searching for a weakness to exploit.

It just so happens his little sister frequents team events. And she’s hot. Feisty. Just the challenge I need.

And the perfect way to bring her brother down.

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Meet Jerica

Jerica MacMillan has been reading romance since she stumbled into the paperback section of the library as a middle schooler. And it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since!

You can frequently find her sipping coffee out of snarky mugs while dreaming up stories and trying to bring them to life on the page.
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In order for Cal to achieve his dreams for the future he needs to be the starting quarterback however his coach has other plans. He choses a less that altruistic way to distract the man who took his position and that is by dating his sister but developing feelings for her wasn’t part of the plan.

Piper has recently started at Marycliff looking for a fresh start. After the way her last relationship ended she isn’t about to go down that road again however there is no denying the chemistry between her and Cal. What started out as a physical only relationship turns into so much more but once all is revealed can they overcome what originally brought them together?

Piper’s strength and resilience shines through and she is exactly who Cal needs in his life as she made him want to be a better man.

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