Cakewalk 🎂 Blog Tour

Cakewalk by Claire Hastings

Release Date: May 24, 2021

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Cover Design: Elle Maxwell Designs

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Love isn’t always a cakewalk …

Gigi Hawthorne is starting from scratch. She just didn’t realize until her crappy car broke down that she was going to be doing it in a small town in Vermont. With an eye for design and some serious decorating skills, she’s managed to land a job making delectable treats for the patrons of the Busy Bean. Now she’s up to her elbows in sugar and flour, but her thoughts are never far from her gorgeous, brooding landlord.

Holden St. James swears he isn’t a recluse. He goes to the local coffee shop three times a week, doesn’t he? Yeah, maybe he never actually talks to anyone, but with a backstory of loss, pain, and regret like his, he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t be very good company anyway. Yet something about his new tenant makes him wonder if maybe it’s time to let someone open the oven door and release a little heat into his closed-off world.

But both are hiding secrets as dark as an espresso mocha cupcake and they’re not sure if they can trust each other. Will the truth break their delicate relationship into sad, sweet crumbs–or will it turn out to be the key ingredient in the recipe for a new life?

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To anyone on the outside looking in Gigi appeared to be living the perfect life but appearances can be deceiving. All she wants is to be as much distance between her and the nightmare life she was leading until fate intervened. She now finds herself living in Vermont, decorating cakes even though she doesn’t know how to bake and renting an apartment from a cantankerous yet sexy landlord.

Holden was happy with his life both when it came to his career and the people he was closest to only to realize how fragile happiness truly is. He too is trying to put distance between himself and his painful memories but that is easier said than done.

Because of their pasts neither was looking for love or a relationship but sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect it. She shows him that there is more to life than the way he has been living it while he shows her she deserves better than the past and in each other they get the new beginning that they both deserve.

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