Friendzoned ☕️ Blog Tour

Friendzoned by Rachel Blaufeld

Release Date: May 24, 2021

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Cover Design: Elle Maxwell Designs

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When Murphy Landon, the New York socialite, runs off to Vermont with her bruised reputation and stylish wardrobe in the trunk of a used car, it’s the first time in her life she’s dared to turn her back on her high-society parents.

Used to grabbing a gourmet coffee whenever the urge strikes, Murphy finds herself on the other side of the counter, fumbling strangers’ orders…until a sinfully handsome thirty-three-year-old version of Ben Rooney from high school walks in.

The pair met years ago at a prestigious boarding school and became friends, but only behind closed doors. She’d been a spoiled brat, and he was a football player on scholarship. Ben tried to hide his crush on her, and Murphy set firm boundaries. After a prom night gone wrong, they’d gone their separate ways.

Now their circumstances are reversed. Ben is a successful surgeon. He’s come a long way from his parents’ humble maple syrup business. And Murphy is pouring his coffee? Is this a joke?

His first thought is that she should drive her gorgeous self right back to New York, where she can’t possibly break his heart. His second one is deep concern. His third thought is he wants a do-over of prom night. A very adult one…

With plenty of secrets between them, copious pure maple syrup, Ben and Murphy are in for a wild and sticky ride.

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Murphy has always lived a life of wealth and privilege but along with that comes the responsibility of knowing that doing anything that others don’t view is suitable will have consequences. She now finds herself in Vermont working at The Busy Bean as she tries to find the woman she wants to be and not the woman that others expect her to be.

Ben has overcome his modest beginnings and is now an accomplished doctor. When he walks into his favorite coffeeshop the last person he expected to see was Murphy, the girl he crushed on when they were in high school who even though they were friends in private wouldn’t acknowledge him in public due to their very different lifestyles.

Although the chemistry and connection between them still remains they must first deal with the regrets of their pasts if they are to have a future together.

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