Snowballed 🏒 Blog Tour

Snowballed by Melanie Ting

Release Date: June 7, 2021
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Cover Design: Christine Coffey

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She needs Prince Farming . . . but she got me instead.

Sure, life’s been easy for me. Growing up in an oceanside house in SoCal, playing top-level college hockey, driving a luxury car with a generous allowance—sounds like the dream, right? Turns out what I didn’t have was freedom. And when I decided to transfer to Moo U for my last year of hockey, my controlling father cut me off.

No money, no car, no friends. I’m just another student struggling to make ends meet. The only place I can afford to live is the Meyers’ farm, where I’ll work in exchange for room and board. Farm work is so exhausting that I don’t even have time to wallow in the crappy turn my life has taken. Zoe Meyers is a hot blonde Amazon with all the energy of a chipmunk on crack. And her positivity is making me realize how lucky I really am, even though I’m broke. Too bad she’s not impressed by a guy who can’t figure out which end of a goat to milk.

Because suddenly I want to impress her. I want to do a lot more with her too . . . if I can get her out of the barn and into my arms.

Noah was raised in an affluent lifestyle and has always had anything money can buy but he has always felt second best compared to the rest of his family. When he is offered the opportunity to spend his senior year at Moo U he believes that this may be his chance to shine but with no financial support he finds himself working on the Meyer’s farm to make ends meet.

Zoe is determined to honor her father by continuing to make the family farm viable however balancing that as well as school and hockey is a challenge . Hiring Noah who is willing to accept room and board as payment is a win-win for both of them even if the sparks of animosity ignite every time they are together.

Noah and Zoe soon realize that first appearances can be deceiving. She realizes that there is a much greater to Noah than the entitled athlete he appears to be and he is the one person who truly sees the emotional struggle she is facing and they give each other strength when they need it the most.

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