Desperation 💙 Release Blitz



Desperation by Ashley Cade

Featuring Mark and Charlie

Genre/Trope: Romantic Suspense



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This isn’t a fairy tale.

I’m not a French maiden captured by the beast who turns into a prince.

My story is quite the opposite.

My knight in shining armor is really just a monster hidden behind rugged good looks and a leather jacket.

Drake Wilder saves me from one hell only to subject me to his own brand of torment.

For years, I remain his prisoner, kept under lock and key and punished for every infraction.

I yearn to escape, but in my desperation, I become careless.

Once freedom is finally within reach, I let my guard down long enough for him to ensure I’ll be tied to him forever.

But sometimes, when all hope seems lost, that’s the moment a savior lands on your doorstep.

And my savior…he’s a Navy SEAL searching for redemption.

Devon Kingsley has a past, ghost haunt his dreams.

And one final demon to slay.





About the Author:

Ashley is an author and book lover living in Ohio with her husband and two sons. She’s loved reading since childhood and has always enjoyed creating characters and stories. She finds inspiration everywhere: a song on the radio, a person she passes on the street, a place she’s visited on vacation. She lets her imagination run wild and her fingers do the typing.



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Hannah thought she had found her happy ever after only to find out that it was nothing but a lie and now she doesn’t know how to escape the life she finds herself in. She has never had anyone that she could count on so she is cautious when Devon comes crashing into her life.

Devon is looking at leaving the Navy and taking a security job in his hometown. From the moment he meets Hannah he wants to protect her but finding out they are connected makes a difficult situation a whole lot more complicated.

Hannah is stronger than even she realizes while Devon is everything you could want in a hero and so much more.

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