Sideways 🍽 Available Now

Sideways by Lisa Hughey

Release Date: July 1, 2021

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Cover Design: Elle Maxwell Designs


Sideways - Threat.jpg

About the Book:

She’s a political princess and media darling…

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Yeah, right. Tell that to the PR firm that handles Tracy’s very prominent political family. Pushed by scandal from Boston to the boondocks, now she’s on the other side of the serving tray, dishing up beer and burgers, hoping no one recognizes her. But there’s something very familiar–and maddeningly tempting–about the new caterer at Speakeasy.

He’s a cranky recluse…

Colton was the star of the celebrity chef circuit until he wasn’t anymore. Now he lives in a remote country cabin and spends his time alone, far from the spotlight and liking it that way. Until the gorgeous new waitress at Speakeasy starts poking at his resolve and suddenly all he wants is to see her let down her hair. And spread it all over his pillow. She’s got secrets he knows he won’t like, but he can’t stay away from her.

She lives in the spotlight, and he hates attention. When her public life collides with his private one, can their love write a fairy-tale ending after all?


Tracy was raised in a family where appearances were everything and she has always done what was expected. When she created her business all she wanted was something to call her own and now it has backfired in epic proportions and finds herself having to escape Boston until the frenzy abates. She finds herself in Vermont running out of money which is how she ends up Speakeasy and getting to know Colton.

Colton is a world-renowned chef who realized that the fame and wealth had sent him into a downward spiral. The only way to save himself was to walk away and he ends up in Vermont to be close to Audrey and Phoebe. He believes that Tracy is just a pampered socialite, but he is about to find out he couldn’t be more wrong.

The chemistry between them is intense and Tracy’s outgoing personality is exactly what Colton needs in his life as she inspires him professionally while he shows her that love doesn’t just exist for others but for her as well.

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