Great White 📚 Release Blitz


(World of Assassins)

by M. Never

Release Date: July 7, 2021

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling, LLC
Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography
Models: Jonny James & Amanda Joan
Genre:Romantic suspense with dark elements
Trope:Femme fatale


From USA Today bestselling author comes a high stakes, female assassin, romantic suspense with a twist you’ll never see coming!

Once, I wished I was more.


And then one night I was forced to become all those things. I pulled the trigger and changed my life forever.

Now I’m an assassin for a Queen Pin, and together, we are taking the cartel world by storm. Sex, drugs, and secrets surrounds us like smoke. The DEA is breathing down our neck and a rival cartel is threatening to destroy us.

But I didn’t come this far to be intimidated or pushed around. Not by the DEA or the Rayas cartel. I didn’t shift my entire universe so some, cocky, sweet talkin’ recruit can get in my pants, either. Those days are over. I’m not that easy anymore.

Tate may be sexy, deadly and dangerous —his tongue his most lethal weapon— but my body and my heart just aren’t on the table. I won’t let another man derail my life, no matter how drawn or attracted I am to him. Or how much I hate seeing him with another woman.

The only thing I have left to offer is death.

They call me La Tiburona—the shark. And I’m not afraid to show you just how deep I can sink my teeth.

** Great White is a romantic suspense with dark elements. Reader discretion is advised.

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About the Author

M. Never, the author of dark, contemporary and ménage romance. All my stories have addictive heroes, fierce heroines, hot sex, and page turning plots.

A little about me, I love the color black, I’m dependent on coffee, sushi, sweatpants, boots, and watermelon Perrier. I have a clingy pit bull named Apache, and a needy pitsky names Kai!

Writing is my passion, but readers are my love! Suggested reading– Owned, Ghostface Killer or Slashes in the Snow!

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At a certain time in her past Dove felt powerless but when the Deltoro cartel came into her life she became powerful. She is a high-ranking assassin who is feared by many and a force to be reckoned with but when she meets Tate she finds the one man who isn’t deterred by her strength.
Tate is a new recruit to the cartel and when he meets Dove the attraction is off the charts. She wants nothing to do with him, but he has never been one to back down from a challenge and that holds especially true with her.
The characters are captivating, the chemistry radiates off the pages and surprises that will keep you on edge so sit back, hold tight and enjoy the experience.

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