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Featuring: Natalie and Liam, Gretchen

Genre/Trope: Single Parent


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“Never say never, or it will be your forever.”


It’s a saying my mother has repeated my entire life. Fortunately, for Rhett Barnes, I’ve never been known to listen.

Never have children.

Never tell my secrets.

Never stay.

How was I to know each never would be what put my pieces back together?

With each revelation, I’m watching it all slip away.



About the Author:

Missy Ann writes romance stories with feeling ranging from sweet to dark. She lives in Kentucky with her two sons and husband. When she isn’t writing, she’s often found at her sons’ basketball games or watching MMA.


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After everything that Callie has endured in both her past and her present all she wants is a different future. She knows that the threat is far from over, but Rhett gives her a sense of safety that she hasn’t felt in a long time.

Rhett is a sexy single father who has a painful past of his own. He is drawn to Callie in a way he never expected, and it isn’t long before his need to protect goes from professional to personal.

If anyone deserves a happy ending it is Callie and Rhett as they take us a romantic, emotional and suspenseful journey you won’t soon forget.

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