Fallen 💛 Release Blitz

Title: Fallen
An Everyday Heroes World Novel
Author: Rebecca Barber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 15, 2021


Fallen is a contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World full of heart-wrenching and emotional moments, punctuated by sizzling chemistry.

When Zach Higgins rolled out of bed to go start his shift at the firehouse this morning, he never thought he’d end his day falling in love.
All it took was one flutter of her tiny eyelashes and Zach was wrapped around her chubby little finger.
The last thing Zach wanted to do was hand her over to a stranger. That was until the woman of his dreams turned up in her petticoat and pearls to take the baby home.
Lily Evans always wanted to be a mother. She’s dreamt of the day she got to hold her baby in her arms and sing lullabies as they drifted off to sleep.
But the world had other plans for Lily and her motherhood dreams.
When an opportunity to foster an abandoned baby arises, she jumps at the chance.
What Lily doesn’t expect is to find her in the arms of a shirtless, sexy as sin, tattooed firefighter with an accent.
This Aussie firefighter sets her on fire in ways she’d rather not admit to. Lily was not prepared for Zach to turn her world upside down but was he everything she’d been waiting for?

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Stepping inside the waiting room, I headed for the lady seated behind the counter. When she looked up over the top of her black-rimmed glasses, I didn’t miss the way her eyes widened, and her cheeks flushed. Not that I could blame her; I could barely believe it myself. I’m sure I looked like shit. I needed a shave, my shirt was tossed over my shoulder, my arms were covered in tattoos, and I had a tiny baby snuggled against me.
“C-c-can I help you?” she stuttered as she pulled her glasses off and set them down on her desk.
“I need someone to take a look at this little guy.”
“What seems to be wrong with him?”
Looking around at the waiting room, I wasn’t surprised to see people staring back at me. I didn’t give two shits what they thought about me. They weren’t important. But this little guy, he was. And he deserved more than being gawked at like he was an exhibit at the zoo.


Rebecca is a clumsy, introverted, bubble bath loving, chocoholic who’d rather read a book than go shopping. And don’t even mention shoe shopping!

Rebecca is a lucky girl – one of four kids to school teacher parents. Wife to a football obsessed husband. Aunt to the most crazy/adorable little girls. And sister to two very determined sisters and one easy going brother.
Rebecca lives in Canberra Australia and spends way too many hours a day working the day job.
She is a book whore who can easily (and happily) read a book from start to finish in one sitting and spends her spare time writing.



When a baby is left at the station where Zach is a firefighter, he and Ava bonded with each other immediately. Even though he hadn’t known her long he was sad to see her go but he knew that she was safe with Lily, her temporary foster mother.

Lily has always wanted to be a mother, but fate had other ideas, so this is the next best thing. She wants to do right by Ava so when she sees the comfort that Zach brings her, he quickly becomes an important part of both their lives.

This is a heartwarming story about two people who were brought together by their mutual love for Ava and realize that the love doesn’t end there as they fight for the life and love they could all have together.

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