The Ravishing ❤ Release Blitz

From USA Today bestsellers Ava Harrison and Vanessa Fewings comes the lush world of New Orleans filled with twists, turns, deceit and seduction.

My father was ruthless.
Cold. Calculated. Formidable.
Every decision. Every step. Every thought. Every breath he controlled.
I never thought anyone could despise him as much as I did.
I was wrong. So wrong.
There was one person.
He wanted revenge. I was the willing pawn.
He was dangerous, beautiful, broken, and most of all a way to get back at my father.
But there’s one thing I didn’t count on . . .
Falling in love.

Stephen Glassman is my sworn enemy.
And so, I felt no guilt as I took his most valuable possession.
His darling daughter.
Anya’s suffering is my new favorite pastime.
My promise to kill her one day? Inevitable.
She’s mine now. Mine to control. Mine to seduce. Mine to own.
Who knew revenge would be this sweet?

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Meet Ava Harrison

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

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Meet Vanessa Fewings

VANESSA FEWINGS is a British American and USA Today bestselling author of romance novels.
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Anya was raised in a privileged lifestyle however she has been isolated her whole life. Not only does her father refuse to let her go out he also ensures that she receives no caring or affection from those around her so when she is abducted she isn’t sure how much worse her life could get.

Cassius has spent years waiting for the perfect moment to exact his revenge against the man who destroyed his family. Anya was nothing but a pawn for him to use and discard but she is nothing like the pampered socialite he was expecting, and he may just find out that she isn’t the only pawn in the game they are playing.

Anya was a revelation as she wasn’t jaded by the people and the lifestyle she found herself forced into while all Cassius wanted was vengeance but Anya was a surprise he didn’t see coming. The chemistry between them is intense, the intrigue keeps you on edge as Anya and Cassius go from fighting each other to fighting for each other.

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